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A challenge was made, inby a company called Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.

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Drilling activities started in and the first test well was drilled in Owerri area. Could the company have done more to gain clemency for Ken Saro-Wiwa.

They also want the government to give more attention to the leaks and to invest more in better supervision and good sanctions. Taking these and other facts into account, Shell should reconsider its environmental policies and limit hazardous effects to the surrounding environment in the foreseeable future.

I believe the response of Western governments was too mild or about right.

Shell In Nigeria and Its Impact

Another accusation was related to the illegal construction of loading bay without the allowance from the State Department of Environmental Protection.

At that, Shell leads the market through the network of its branded gas stations exceeding Shell tried claiming that they have cleaned the oil spills, but their clean up techniques, such as burning the crude, are only temporary solutions and build for a more polluted Ogoniland in the near future.

The Nigerians cannot fish anymore, because the water is contaminated and therefore all the fishes die. The World Trade Organization WTO authored the global intellectual property rights, which granted drug manufacturers to maintain exclusive rights to the products for a period of twenty years.

Shell in Nigeria: The Ethical Issues

What should have been the appropriate response. Cipla made a similar offer to the African governments to sell the drugs at cost.

Oil in Nigeria Essay

Shell, however, maintained that the Beebe spill had been caused by retreating Barbarian Troops, during a period when the company had temporarily withdrawn from the area because of a civil war. De execution showed the world how bad it was going in Nigeria.

There are four major oil refineries: Furthermore, the undeveloped country did not have the resources to combat this problem. I think that from the execution that happened Shell should be allowed to continue with their operations but receive consistent pressure from activists to become a socially responsible multinational corporation.

On an international scale, Shell partners with Saudi Aramco to jointly operate refineries. Hire your writer directly, without overpaying for agencies and affiliates. Key among them is the problem of environmental pollution from the activities of the oil corporations. A hotly contested oil spill that had occurred in Beebe that spread over 25 acres penetrated deeply into the soil and contaminated nearby waterways.

Conflict and litigation between oil companies and village communities. I believe that the most good for the most people is the best way to go regardless of the situation. Agricultural land degradation leads to lower crop yields and as such making farming difficult and life hard for the local communities.

Shell could have resolved the issue with the protestors in more peaceful ways and should have tried to come to a resolution from the get-go. There are a lot of positive moments that Shell Nigeria gives to this country.

Amnesty is fighting the spreading of river contamination, because of the oil. Almost nothing is done against people steeling the oil or sabotaging of the oil pipes.

One time justice was done, the Bodo-community that sued Shell for contaminating the water near their living area. Although GSK joined the Accelerated Access Program earlier, this still did not settle well with the organizations, the governments, and the clinics.

Since Shell has caused damage to Ogoniland and aquatic creates nearby, there are now no jobs for displaced farmers and fishermen. Overall, it is important that Shell is punished for what they caused and it is important that they learn from their mistake by becoming more of a socially responsible multinational corporation.

But, overall I do think the western government did the most good for the most people by not halting oil production. Cleaning and compensation The Nigerian is sadly failing in regulating the oil industry and protecting human rights of the inhabitants of the Niger delta. The Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team claims to be an increase in discomfort and misery due to fumes, heat and combustion Royal Dutch Shell, commonly known as Shell, is a fusion of over 1, companies around the world.

Apart from being a source of employment for the local communities, the companies have led to infrastructural development in the country. For Shell, as well as other major oil players, the overall situation is intensified by the oil reserve crisis. Hire Writer When contacted the corporations respond to having brought about positive impacts on the local communities in way of corporate social responsibility.

A lot of people have different perspectives of the world and carry different opinions involving what is ethical and what is not. This was obviously not enough of an effort on their part. Royal Dutch Shell Essay The Royal Dutch Shell Company is a multinational petroleum (oil) company that began in the s from a merger of two companies (), one of.

Shell Oil in Nigeria Words | 5 Pages. Shell Oil in Nigeria 1. What are some of the factors explaining why corruption and bribery are so high in Nigeria? Nigeria is considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. This free Geography essay on Oil exploration in Nigeria is perfect for Geography students to use as an example.

But after nearly 50 years searching for oil in the country, Shell-BP discovered the oil at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta.

Shell Oil in Nigeria

The first oil field began production in Niger-delta region is the most oil-rich region in Nigeria and houses a wide variety of ethnic groups and eco-diversity zone, swamps, creeks, fish ponds.

Nigeria since its independence in has experienced several military rules leading to instability, underdevelopment. This makes Nigeria to be the biggest oil producing country in Africa with a capacity of over two million barrels of oil per day.

This resource accounts for over 80% of the government revenue in the budget and in terms of export commodities it accounts for over 95% of the country’s export annually (Frynas). This Research Paper Shell in Nigeria: The Ethical Issues and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Shell Nigeria is one of the largest oil producers in the Shell Group and more than 80% of the oil extractions in Nigeria is in the Niger Delta.

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The Delta is a home to many 4/4(1).

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