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The pros of the response. This contains nerve tissue having cell body input zone of dendrites and an output zone of an axon.

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For this reason, the transferring neuron is the presynaptic membrane, while the receiving neuron is the postsynaptic membrane. The main points include what adrenaline is, what the fight or flight response is and what the pros and cons are. The sodium-potassium pump maintains this unequal concentration by actively transporting ions against their concentration gradients.

Your heart rate begins to rise and you feel this surge of energy flow through your body.

Fight or Flight

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When the hypothalamus detects certain body changes, it releases regulating factors chemicals that stimulate or inhibit the pituitary gland. The sympathetic system stimulates heart, stomach, intestines, blood vessels, and the iris of the eye, sweat glands, and the bladder.

How the neuron receives and transmits messages. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Second is Motor neurons have a long axon and short dendrites and transmit message from the central nervous system to the muscles or glands.

It holds your memories, allows you to plan, enables you to imagine and think. The action is able to be triggered because of the hypothalamus. The terminal buttons release these message carriers into the synapses the junctions between two neurons, usually between the terminal buttons of one neuron and the dendrites of another neuron.

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This will tell also the electrochemical process with in the brain with the Transmission from Axons to Terminal buttons to next Neuron. Since the adrenaline must go through the whole body, it may take a couple seconds to fully feel the effect of the adrenaline rush.

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Fight or Flight?

The fight or flight response was coined by Cannon and refers to the physiological reactions that prepare us for a strenuous efforts required by fighting. Free flight papers, essays, and research papers. Flight Syndrome - Upon seeing this discussion question, the first thing that came to mind was the force continuum, which dictates the level of response in an event.

More Essay Examples on Fear Rubric The fight or flight is a reaction of the brain in responding to the environment - Fight or Flight introduction. However, the response before it takes action it undergoes several process in different parts of the brain that receives and release information.

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The fight or flight response is the body primitive and automatic response which prepares human beings to either ‘fight’ or ‘flee’ from a perceived threat, you could also say it is the biological response to acute stress (Bernstein, and Nash, ).

Essays on fight or flight
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